Aug 16 2008

Seth will be happy

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Because his newfound manual driving skills might come in handy after all!  Turns out, Lausanne not only has a bike-sharing program (Seth has already covered this topic), but it also has a car sharing program, a la Zipcar in the US.  A little pricey, but seems like it will probably be worth it.   Now we can get stuff back from Ikea without having to shlep it onto a bus or train!

Where did we find this out?  Yesterday, we met with an American-Swiss-Jewish family who are family of friends of my great aunt (uh huh, that’s right) who happened to be visiting this week from Switzerland, where they live.  They are super nice, and gave us all sorts of great tips on living in Switzerland and will help us out with lots of stuff.   For example, it seems we will be staying in their vacation chalet in the mountains until we can sign a lease for an apartment.  My anxiety level, while still high, has fallen a few points.  Seth is not the only one around here who is happy now!

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