Jul 09 2008

The Wall

Our facebook profiles have walls, so why not our blog? Write on our wall using the comments feature below.

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14 Responses to “The Wall”

  1. Mary Ellen Stebbins Says:

    i have never written a wikipedia page. way to go!

  2. Alex Jacobowitz Says:

    B”H FFM

    Dear folks,

    thanks for putting my photo and a bit of information into your blog!
    Perhaps I can visit you next time I’m in your area? Please let me know!

    Alex Jacobowitz

  3. Alana and Russ Says:

    Hi Seth and Jackie! We were just watching a travel show on Switzerland and they showed something called an “alpine coaster.” It’s like a roller coaster built down the side of a mountain and powered by gravity. Have you seen one? It looked scary! Anyway, it made us think of you!

  4. Rachel Popkin Says:

    Hi! I read this! I’ve been busy lately with my two choirs, one of which is flying out early tomorrow AM to go to Oklahoma city and sing for the NATIONAL ACDA, which is super exciting. The other one is gearing up to do a concert entirely of broadway music. Yes.

    In the last few days I’ve spent a lot of time setting this up: http://heidifund.org. Super scary stuff, but also good to see people rally around someone they don’t know.

    And work is going well. I’m actually at work right now so I should go, but hi! I’m no longer lurking.

  5. SwissWatching » Come visit! Says:

    […] The Wall […]

  6. Margaret Says:

    This is delightful! I had no idea where you two were and now I know and with such detail!


  7. Kevin Goldstein Says:

    Hey Jackie and Seth,

    I haven’t done a very good job keeping up with the blog, but procrastinating writing the six papers I have due this week has finally made me read it. I’m glad I did because you guys kept it pretty entertaining.

    Really I’m just saying hi and wishing you happy holidays. Will you guys be making it back to the States? I’m heading home in just over a week.

    Oh, and I had awesome vegetarian food in Seoul a few weeks ago. It was Korean Buddhist temple cuisine and amazing. Is that something on your radar? Here’s the place I ate at: http://www.sachalfood.com/ (I can’t read the Korean either, but the pictures are pretty and accurate).

    Keep in touch,

  8. Tina Says:

    Hi Seth!

    Thanks for the names of the other restaurants associated with Hiltl! That place was soo yummy! We haven’t really found much in Geneva. We do know that it Ferney-Voltaire on the French side is an organic grocery store that carries veggie burger patties. I am really starting to miss Morningstar Veggie breakfast sausages.

    I really like this “wall” concept and your blog!(I linked to it actually- I am sure you saw) Are you settled down in Geneva or Lusaunne? I agree, We should get together for a veggie dinner!


  9. Erika Says:

    Hey folks!

    Like the blog…it was funny reading that entry about not being able to figure out how things work–I thought that kind of stuff only happened in Egypt and Syria, but it somehow makes me feel better to know it is just one of those daily absurdities of ex-pat life worldwide…Also, the chocolate chip cookie entry–I’ve been having the exact same problems myself! Although at least you can probably get good quality chocolate bars 🙁



  10. Mary Ellen Stebbins Says:

    hello my darlings!

    i LOVE reading this. it makes my day. i talked to dana last night and that was fun. i miss yall so much. if i come to europe in the winter, can i visit??

  11. Milena, Aron & Stephanie Safran Says:

    Just popping in to say hi and wish you both the best of luck!

    One suggestion – if you can put a theme song here, try Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water”… 🙂

    But seriously – We all hope you have a great time and all your hopes and wishes come true! Sorry we missed seeing you in New York before you left!

    ~Aron, Milena & Stephanie Safran

  12. Franke James Says:


    Very lively writing!

    Fun to read your carbon offsets article and see how you wove flying, vegetarianism and Paradise Unpaved all together. Glad to see we’re one of the ‘awesome’ ways to reduce one’s footprint! We figured doing everything eco-perfectly is a bit tough — so we’re knocking off the biggies first (e.g selling the SUV, unpaving our Paradise…)



  13. Tom Wooten Says:

    Yo Seth and Jackie,

    You two rock my socks! This looks like a sweet blog. It’s going to be so much easier to keep it updated and, like, exciting with two of you doing it. It already looks very Swiss.

    Oh and I just got the pun. Does that make me slow?

    Max and Hilary and Yakir and I are going to watch Klezperanto tomorrow. You two aren’t in the same place right now, are you? That would demand a speaker phone call if so.

    keep it real.

  14. Rachel Popkin Says:

    O HAI

    Am I seriously the first person to write on your guyses wall?


    also, you know what’s funny about jackie at 14? she looks JUST LIKE jackie at 22. that’s so weird.

    I miss you guys. someday, please visit me in seattle? i am vaguely scheming about a big visit-all-my-friends-in-europe trip at some point. i’ll keep you posted.