Nov 24 2010

Towards the holidays

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Not much newsworthy has been happening here.  Unless, of course, you want this to turn into a blog solely about Ruben and training a puppy in Switzerland.  Oh, and Adar and Horesh now have a baby boy, mazl tov to them!  He is a big newborn, very cute, and very noisy.  I have a suspicion their blog might turn into a blog on raising a baby in Switzerland…or they might just be too darn busy to ever blog.

My parents went on their annual Mauritius medical mission, stopping in London en route and Geneva on the return.  I saw them twice, and I got awesome, narrow shoes and lots of cheddar in London and then they got to carry Ruben around for 2 straight days in Lausanne.  Ruben was so tired from all this attention, he had to sleep most of the weekend to recover.

Today my doctoral seminar was rescheduled from Thursday afternoon to Wednesday night.  We had a guest speaker talk about the relationship between Cuba and Chile during the Cold War, and I actually understood what was going on; thank you Jorge Dominguez and your core history class on the Cuban Revolution.  For the third time since I’ve been in Switzerland, I have experienced serious train delay, like the kind of train delay that results in “this train cancelled, see you…whenever it gets fixed” (there are plenty of small delays and frequent enough 20 minute or so delays on the Geneva-Lausanne line).  So I sat on the train for an hour, and the announcement was only “all trains are blocked in Geneva, please excuse us.”  Some kind of signal malfunction.  Eventually, it left, and I am sitting on it now.  In the meantime, they turned it from the express into the local train, so I will get home on the pretty late side.  =(  At least it was on the way home and I didn’t miss class.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and so is a bris, and so is a puppy class, and our CSA pickup, but fortunately I do not have class and Seth’s schedule is flexible this week.  We’ve been invited to two Thanksgiving dinners (!) so we don’t have to do all the cooking and stressing this year, though some cooking, yes.   On Saturday, I went to the market and bought so many vegetables from my favorite stand, that the new person who was helping me and doesn’t know yet that I ALWAYS buy a ton of vegetables asked, “Um, are you a vegetarian?”  I said, “Yes, and also it is an American holiday that celebrates the harvest this week, and I don’t know what I’m going to make yet! “  So our fridge is packed with cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, pumpkin (we roast and puree it here ourselves), red and white chard, beets, turnips, parsnips…but we’re sticking with old standbys and making a red cabbage recipe by Mollie Katzen, a simple roasted root vegetable dish, plus Mark Bittman’s winter squash buttermilk biscuits.

The last bit of news is that, as usual, I have a choir concert series coming up!  Guess what the theme is?  Oh yes, you guessed it, Christmas, and guess when?  Straight through the weekend that’s during Khanike.  Hoping we’ll find the time to fry some roots and spin dreydls even so.  It is really amazing how every Christian holiday my choir celebrates takes place exactly over the Jewish holiday that is proximate on the calendar.  The concerts should be pretty good, though, particularly if Christmas music is your thing, and the newly arrived Holden Collegi-ite in CJL has convinced our conductor that we should be singing a piece of Renaissance polyphony while we’re at it.  They are free admission, plus the information poster is awfully nice (click it for more info):

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