Nov 01 2010

No such thing as Halloween, but marathons, yes

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Well, this was our most un-Halloween yet of Halloweens.  We didn’t even give a thought to going to a party and getting dressed up, furnished no candy, and had no trick or treaters.  We did see two girls dressed up on our after-dinner walk with Ruben, but that was it.  I guess we also saw an adorable 2-year-old dressed up as a monkey over skype…

Instead of Halloween, Lausanne yesterday hosted its annual marathon.  Luckily for us, the marathon was on our street, the starting point a block up the road.  So late yesterday morning, there was a lot of commotion outside our window, various races began, we saw packs of people run by, and about an hour later, the marathon was finished from the perspective of the starting line.  One category?  “Mini children.”  Seriously, that’s what the marathon for kids was called.

Also this weekend, Seth took Ruben to another puppy class (we tried one last weekend).  It stunk.  We have discovered that despite the permissibility of animals riding on public transportation here, relying on public transport while a pet owner is unreliable.  Pet supply stores are barely accessible by public transport and canine education classes in Suisse Romande are almost all located in the most remote Swiss villages you could possibly imagine, with the exception of a few sub-standard offerings in Lausanne itself.  So, future pet owners sans car in Lausanne, consider yourselves warned.  At least there are several conveniently located veterinarians, and the one we went to on Friday was awesome–Ruben loved all the treats he got to eat and the other dogs he got to play with there!

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