Jun 18 2010

Raining Strawberries

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There are not many fruits you can go pick yourself in this country.  The one widespread fruit-picking availability is strawberries, not apples like it is in the northeastern US.  Thus, even though we’ve been getting plenty of strawberries and cherries the last few weeks from our CSA, Adar and I decided we had to go picking.

Adar, Seth, and I agonized over where to go (using this helpful listing).  Adar called a bunch of places, found out about pesticide use, opening hours, and prices, and after we checked each place on sbb to see if we could get there by public transport, we settled on Fraises de Bussy.  They have an adorable pdf ad, the owner (Stéphane) was nice on the phone, the price was right (5 chf/kilo), picking was “non-stop” (no lunch break in a field!), and no pesticides used!  This was a much more casual, smaller, lawless, place, I think, than the type Swisstory’s Jessica blogged about.

Bussy-Chardonnay Train Station

We took a little local train up from Morges, on which you have to request a stop.  We stepped out into fields, and followed signs to the strawberry picking.  Then…the heavens opened.  Within seconds, we were drenched.  Only Seth’s high-tech rain jacket was sufficient protection, and that only went to his hips.  We sprinted towards the farm, Adar wheeling her vegetable cart at top speed.  A kind man stopped his car and asked if we’d like him to take us somewhere, but we turned down the offer and aimed for the tent-covered stand in the distance.  A few seconds later, the three of us ran under the tent, soaking, dripping wet.  Once we caught our breath, and in my case, wiped the drops off my glasses with a dryish patch of shirt, we laughed about how silly it was that we’d come and it started to pour.  Stéphane thought we were hilarious.

Under the Tent

We stood under the tent, laughing and chatting with Stéphane. We took turns pushing the tent up to release the pooling water, took some photos, and since we were already wet, Seth and I ventured into the fields for a few minutes to grab at least a few fresh strawberries.  They were tasty.  Since the rain didn’t seem like it was letting up any time soon, Stéphane decided to just go home for the day, and he offered us a ride back to Lausanne plus two kilos of strawberries he had picked this morning.  We took him up on the offer.


As we drove away, a couple showed up to pick.  Stéphane graciously offered that they could help themselves in the fields.  They went out with their umbrellas.

In the Car, with Strawberries and Oranges

Tonight: 2 kilos (well, a bit less…we’ve been eating them) of strawberries worth of baked goodies.  Yummm.

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