Jun 08 2010

Concert in the Campagne

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This week, tomorrow to Sunday, I’ll be performing in 5 concerts at the Theatre du Jorat in Mézières, a little country village about 15 minutes’ drive northeast of Lausanne.  Here is a link with info about our concert,  Choral Attitude.  The theater is in a gorgeously renovated, wooden barn.  If it was a bit easier to get to via public transportation, I would go there all the time for shows.  As it is, I take a bus to the Lausanne metro (M2), the metro to the end of the line (Croisette), and then a bus from Croisette to  Mézières (it works, but it is tedious).  Yesterday, during our dress rehearsal, the whole town had the distinct perfume of cow.

The concert features a yodleuse.  She is super cool.  She yodels, she dances ballet, she plays accordion, she speaks French with an awesome Swiss-German accent, and it turns out she can also conduct choirs should the need arise.  Also, she uses a pitch pipe; the only one I’ve ever seen in Switzerland…she had to explain to our conductor how to use it.  Probably the best part about being in this concert, at least as an American, is getting to be on stage with her and listen to her.

So, needless to say, our performance will be very Swiss.  Not traditional, but full of references to the traditional.  There is a percussionist on stage who has a full set of instruments meant to resemble Swiss sounds, like cowbells, hooves, and churchbells.  Oh, there are also a few choirs.  I think a lot must be lost on me, but it is still pretty exciting.

All of this is to say, if you are reading this, and you are in Switzerland, you should be buying your tickets now.

In other news, Seth just got a job.  Yay Seth!  He’ll be working at the World Health Organization, doing statistics and data analysis for a project on micronutrients.  Double commute to Geneva, here we come.  Anyone have an apartment to offer us in Geneva or near the gare in Lausanne?

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  1. Quinnieon 15 Jun 2010 at 8:26 pm

    Congratulations Seth. Now Jackie will find the commute a bit less tedious 🙂

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