May 07 2010

Easily missed miscellaneous photos

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You probably know about Jackie’s Flickr page, where we post all of our photos. If you haven’t been there recently, check out a few sets we’ve added:

Usually, these are taken with Jackie’s nice, big digital SLR camera. But sometimes they’re taken with my not-so-nice, small digital camera. The big camera is big, so it only goes with us when we’re planning ahead—vacations, day trips, shopping at the market—so it’s rare that the other camera gets use, other than by Jackie for photographing documents from the 1930’s in the League of Nations archives at the United Nations in Geneva. But every once in awhile the little camera captures something, and it takes us awhile to get it on the computer and find it amongst Jackie’s research. So while organizing photos today (a productive use of my time when I should otherwise be doing research or looking for a job) I came across these…

Lac Leman
This one may need to make an appearance on one of the waterfowl themed banners on my website.

Following directions.
On a TGV train (look at the “please turn off your cell phones” icon and then Jackie’s pose carefully).


Apparently, at the Purim party in Lausanne, many people did not recognize Jackie without her glasses. And many Swiss people wondered if Adar really was pregnant. Umm…

Chives and garlic in a window boxCiboulette & ail
This was taken with the big SLR and the one on the left was my entry to the New York Times Lens Blog’s project to get lots of people to take a picture at the same moment all over the world. Which saturation do you like more?

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