Apr 15 2010

On the Bonnie, Bonnie Banks

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…of Loch Lomond:

Loch Lomond

We were in Scotland for spring break.  We spent an afternoon walking along the edge of the famed Loch Lomond.  We had difficulty not pronouncing it Lac Léman (French name of Lake Geneva).

We spent a day or so each in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and then drove around the Western and Central Highlands for a few more.  Josh drove up from Oxford to chaffeur us around over the weekend, which was awesome, hopefully for him, too.  The weather was gorgeous and the daffodils were in bloom.  I came to like whiskey, and I remembered how much I love good Indian food (every night, except one, saw us in some kind of Indian restaurant).  We had a good time walking around the mountains, forests, and lochs, gazing at sheep, trying to understand the various English dialects in Scotland (uh, it is even more embarrassing to ask English speakers to repeat themselves than to ask French speakers to do so), taking the train from Glasgow to Fort William in the same car as a jolly group of young men on a stag party, going to pubs, and the like.  There was a dour B&B and a nervewracking drive when we got lost in Glasgow, not to mention too many pounds spent for our student budgets, but we had a good time.

Copper Fields and Snow

Good thing we got out before the volcano in Iceland.

Selected pictures are up on flickr.

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