Mar 16 2010

Perrier, the new fire extinguisher

by at 10:30 pm

Today, as I was standing on the platform in Geneva waiting for the train to take me home, I smelled something a bit funny.  Cigarette?  No.  Marijuana?  Nope, definitely not, too chemically…oh yes.  Trash on fire.  I suppose every once in a while a cigarette makes it into the trash can, and that might be a reason why all the stations have metal trash cans.  But the trash and the trash bag were aflame.  Well, that was exciting.  No one else really seemed to notice, not even the woman sitting on the bench next to the trash can, but I was a little concerned.  I pointed a RailClean man (you may have heard of this service recently, when I posted about graffiti cleaning?), who was searching for the source of stinky smoke, towards the correct trash can.  He took a spray bottle of water off his cart, sprayed some into the trash can, somewhat dousing it, and then walked off.  I, in the meantime, snapped a photo.

Trash on fire!

However, the story does not end here.  Another RailClean man showed up a minute later, and decided he’d solve the problem for good.  Toting two big bottles of Perrier, he dumped each into the trash can.  Well, that did the job.

Flaming trash doused with Perrier!

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