Mar 03 2010

A mean, lean, no mess, cleaning machine

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Today, as I approached the platform in the train station on the way to class, I saw a crowd curiously gathered around a group of men in orange reflective vests, surrounding the trash can on the platform.  Turns out the trash can was a diversion.  The three men in vests, employees of “RailClean,” the part of the SBB that cleans train stations, were busy cleaning.  One was taking notes on his clipboard, using the shiny-as-usual trash can as a desk.  The other one was standing there, watching.  The third, and this was the exciting part, was cleaning.

What was he cleaning?  Oh yes.  He was cleaning the cement rail/arm rest on the side of a bench on the platform.  More precisely, he was removing the heart that had been tagged on said cement rail with what looked like a permanent marker.  Even the other Swiss people, who normally walk by RailClean employees scrubbing trash cans without a blink, were excited by this one.  So I stood along with the crowd and looked on in amazement.
RailClean fights the graffiti

The guy had a glass box, which you can see in the photo above, which he was fitting, open side down, on top of the enemy heart.  He was slowly destroying the heart by way of blasting the power hose, which entered through the top of the box, at it.  The box was only useful in so far as it allowed said power washing to take place in broad daylight in a busy train station without getting more than a square 10 inches wet.  Maybe the box had a vacuum, too?  Or maybe it was not water at all?  In any case, it was very effective; by the time my train came and I thought to snap this picture, two minutes after he started, the little heart was almost gone and the cement rail was looking sparkling (well, as sparkling as cement gets) new.

Ah, the jobs that the US could create…inventing specialized cleaning machines, paying people to clean, paying people to take notes on people cleaning…

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  1. Lizon 04 Mar 2010 at 6:55 am

    Not like this is news, but you live in the stupidest country ever.

  2. Jackieon 04 Mar 2010 at 10:43 am

    Oh, Liz, don’t be mean. It’s actually really nice to have clean stations! Not that it is the best prioritization, but I wouldn’t call it “stupid.”

  3. […] on the bench next to the trash can, but I was a little concerned.  I pointed a RailClean man (you may have heard of this service recently, when I posted about graffiti cleaning?), who was searching for the source of stinky smoke, towards the correct trash can.  He took a […]

  4. malachyon 02 Aug 2010 at 2:24 pm

    Hi the machine in your photo is a graffiti / stone cleaning machine that operates without using water or chemicals. it uses different media ( glass sand, nutshell ) depending on the surface to be worked.

    its a closed totally enclosed circuit, if hood ( in picture 0 is away from surface, pressure drops so not dust and totally safe.

    Biggest benefit is access, as well illustrated by your blog


    Dublin, Ireland

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