Dec 18 2009

Hanoucca oy Khanike

by at 10:10 am

On the 7th day, looking back at the last week:

We lit the nifty Chanukiah we’d picked up at the flea market in Jaffo last April with imported candles.

O ir kleyne liktelekh

We made latkes of all flavors: potato (when in Switzerland, request the roesti kind of potatoes), beet, parsnip, and carrot.  We stored some in the fridge for infinite Seth-snacking and brought others to the Atelier Yiddish of Lausanne’s Khanike celebration, which involved a lot of discussion about the food we were eating (an odd mix of Yiddish, Swiss, and Israeli, so think latkes accompanied by mayo-coated beet salad with hummus on the side) and Jewish life in Lausanne.  Somehow I was also cajoled into a offering up an a capella Khanike tune, “oh ir kleyne likhtelekh.”

We made apple cider donuts and brought them to Mary and co’s, where we were invited for a celebration along with the family (Liz and co) who lives in Borex. Well, actually, Seth made the donut batter while I was taking a final exam. Once we discovered that donuts have holes for a reason (no hole=uncooked center and burnt outside), they came out very tasty.  We ate latkes, drank Champagne, and then ate donuts, while discussing human rights and the state of Michigan.

I also could have gone to the Lausanne student party last night, but I was too tired.  So much fried food, so many celebrations with people other than each other, so many different spellings! And off to Israel on Monday, the land (nearly) free of mistletoe.  Anyone going to be there who we haven’t heard from?

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