Nov 14 2009

A Brief Dip in Bath

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Last weekend we met Jackie’s parents in England. On our way to the hotel in London, we made a quick detour:


The street is named after John Flaxman (1755-1826), an English sculptor and illustrator (no relation).

We spent Saturday through Monday in Bath. The highlight was a visit to the museum at the Roman baths for which the town is known. Called Aquae Sulis in Roman times, they were a bath/temple complex built over geotheoremal springs with very impressively engineered baths, including sluice gates, lead pipes, and hot rooms heated from air circulating below. The temple was dedicated to a combination of the Celtic god Sulis and the Roman god Minerva. Here’s a depiction in stone:


As writer Bill Bryson points out in the audio guide, the figure does look kind of Celtic, right? In Victorian times, the mineral water was prescribed to cure all sorts of ailments. After visiting the museum, you get the chance to taste the water. It’s mineral water with lots of sulphur; in short, disgusting.

We stayed near the Pulteney Bridge over the river Avon:

Pulteney Bridge, Bath

We ate a lot of food, of course. Since I was last in England in 2004 the vegetarian options have exploded! Nothing much else to report.

Here’s another photo from the baths:

Roman baths in Bath

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