Oct 25 2009

Experiments with technology (new and old)

by at 5:36 pm

I finally upgraded my Android (i.e. Google) phone—the G1—to the new operating system (1.6), which allows the camera to shoot videos and upload them to YouTube. So you may see more gratuitous use of YouTube on SwissWatching soon. Here’s a video of the two things currently growing in our fridge:

One is sourdough starter. I found the Carl Griffith Sourdough Page awhile back and sent away for it on a whim. They mail you a packet of dry sourdough starter purportedly descended from an 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough or at least descended from the starter Carl Griffith himself began sending out in 1994, as advertised on the usenet newsgroup rec.food.sourdough:

Thank you for your many requests for the family starter. I’ll be glad to mail it
but will need a self addressed stamped envelope from you – cost of mail is

The other is soy yogurt, which we made from soymilk, using real yogurt we bought from a local, small distributor as our starter. It’s got some lactose in it, but not enough to bother me and the next batch will have much less.


  • The yogurt tastes pretty good, actually. I was quite surprised.
  • We haven’t made any sourdough yet.
  • You can judge the quality of the video camera on the Android G1 by watching the video above.

Oh, and no instructions for making either here. We’re no experts, and the Internet is nothing if not a treasure trove of instructions for things like this. Just check usenet! rec.food.sourdough or Google.

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