Oct 24 2009

Debriefing Dog-sitting

by at 4:40 pm


This weekend (Thurs-Mon), Seth and I get to dog-sit for a 6-year-old maltese. He speaks English, as he is originally from the US, and he looks a bit bigger and a bit curlier than your average maltese. His name is Max. What we have learned:

  • It would be nice if all dogs knew how to say “let me outside.”
  • There are hardly any green patches near us that don’t have signs saying “Dogs forbidden.”
  • Jackie does not like touching dog food.
  • It is easier to sleep when there is no dog in the bedroom functioning as an alarm clock that can’t be set to a specific hour.
  • Dogs are too treat-motivated.  Seth likes giving treats more than Jackie (see touching dog food, above), thus dog likes Seth better than Jackie.
  • Dogs are expensive (but from the dog-sitter’s viewpoint, lucrative!).
  • Dogs are warm and cuddly, excepting when they refuse to cuddle or come in out of rain.
  • It is nice to make someone so happy upon return home.

In conclusion:

  • We want a dog.
  • We do not want a dog.

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  1. Talyaon 25 Oct 2009 at 6:55 pm

    In conclusion: Both of you fail logic. But I think you should DEFINITELY get a dog. And Jackie, once I had to start picking up the dog poop, I decided touching the dog food wasn’t so bad.

  2. […] place, despite it being just a tiny, practically weightless supersoaker that we were returning to Max the maltese’s owners.  One that now cost an additional 6 chf to have returned to us.  Pretty sure that […]

  3. Annaon 07 Nov 2009 at 4:13 am

    I similarly want and do not want a kitty.

    Also, it just started smelling like dog outside. I’m not kidding, unfortunately.

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