Sep 21 2009

To a sweet new year in CH

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This past week, Seth and I both went back to school.  As we were trying to figure out what classes to take, in came the new year.  Typical. Welcome 5770.

We spent a nice weekend, albeit full of far too many train trips into Geneva.  Services at the GIL were not particularly inspiring, but there were reasons to celebrate nevertheless: there are two new and one returning (welcome back HSF!) Harvard recent grads who have come to Geneva, and we also met a handful of young and interested Jews through a connection and by meeting incoming students both at IHEID and EPFL.  Enough people so that we are hosting our very own break fast to end Yom Kippur on Monday in Renens!  If we’re lucky, we’ll even have bagels (if you would like some as well, leave a comment and we’ll send you the email of Ion, the bagel maker of Geneva).  I also acquired delicious artisanal Swiss honey, harvested by the father of a fellow choir member in a small town near Sion called Grimisuat.

Difficult readjustments aside, we are looking forward to a new and improved year in this country.  Now if only we could settle on our academic schedules…

Shana tova.  A sweet, fulfilling, and healthy 5770 to all.

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  1. HSFon 29 Sep 2009 at 1:19 pm

    The honey was fantastic! And the bagels were … sufficient to fill a nostalgic craving. Thank you for the lovely evening!

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