Aug 02 2009

Jetlag in the USA

by at 11:53 am

Seth and I are back in the states!  Crazy.  Also it is 6:35 am, and not only have I already showered and dressed, but I am writing a blog post because, well, there isn’t much else to do at this hour.

Some highlights of our last week in Paris:

  • We tried to get out of our apartment building last weekend, only to discover that we were stuck inside the building.  The magnetic electric locking door’s switch stopped working, trapping us inside.  We did, on the other hand, get to meet these cool gay, French, at least one of them Jewish neighbors who were trapped with us.  Eventually somebody from a nearby cafe was called and came to open the door from the outside, where the switch was not broken, and we turned off the electric power to the door so we could get back in later.
  • I needed some  prescription medicine to deal with my not-going-away cold.  After considering the various possibilities of trying to get to a doctor in Paris, having my parents fed ex me a script, just dealing with my cold, etc, we had the bright idea of calling a few pharmacies.  They told us they would accept American scripts.  So we provided a fax number, my dad faxed the prescription over, and voila, the next morning, there it was sitting in the pharmacy near the Yiddish center.  Although I was bracing for high fees when the pharmacist warned me I’d have to pay out of pocket, it was only 4 Euros.  Socialized medicine…or just a cheap drug?
  • We finished our last week of Yiddish.  Seth actually can speak some Yiddish now, and I feel like I can once again speak and remember some grammar, not just read poems.  It was really great to meet that many people who also spoke some Yiddish, to go to workshops and lectures in and on Yiddish, etc, to meet Jews from all over and particularly Francophone, etc.

And now, some first impressions of the United States.  Remember, we haven’t been here from almost a full year:

  • I can speak English to everyone, including custodians and other workers.  And they understand, and they don’t look angry at me for asking them questions.  And the second language on signs is Spanish, not English, so I should aiming for the second row on signs.
  • The supermarket is really overwhelming.  The regular old supermarket in my town has at least one kosher row, a row of organics featuring my favorite cereals and crackers, an aisle with Mexican cheese blends and tortillas, and billions and billions of other rows with who knows what in them.  Also, omg, everything is SO CHEAP.  Whoa.  I was just kind of standing in the supermarket with my dad yesterday looking around in amazement and a guy unpacking boxes was like, “You ok?  Can I help you?”
  • My toilet does not have a low-flow flush option, and the water swirls around in such a strange way when fleshed.  Also, the toilet paper feels all wrong and is the wrong size.
  • I had BOTH HANDS FREE in the shower this morning.  And my good old fragrance free shampoo and soap.
  • It is too cold indoors, but also has far fewer bugs.  Seth and I were really confused as to why the airport was so chilly, at first.

That’s it for now.  I’m looking forward to eating and to seeing lots of people in the coming days!

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  1. Tianon 10 Aug 2009 at 6:51 am

    Where are you going to go /visit?

  2. Sethon 19 Aug 2009 at 4:29 am

    Our itinerary is here! Not many stops left…

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