Mar 29 2009

Chocolate heaven in Versoix

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Heaven was relocated to the small Swiss village of Versoix on Saturday.  Well, not heaven, exactly.  One might more precisely say the annual chocolate festival was held in Versoix, just outside Geneva, on Saturday.

Seth and I met up with Aviva and another Swiss friend from IHEID who conveniently lives in Versoix.  There was a giant tent, packed with people.  There were about 30 artisanal chocolatiers from around the cantons of Geneva and Vaud.  For those of you familiar with Cambridge, MA, think 30 stands of variations on Burdick‘s.  The chocolate was not cheap, but there was a fair bit for the tasting.  Not all of them let us taste, but a few enthusiastically gave away bits of chocolate and explained their delicious properties to us.  Trying all that chocolate at once really demonstrates how very different chocolates can be.

Seth the Chocolataster

Which Macaron?

In addition to all of the chocolate stands, there was an exhibit was astronomy-inspired chocolate sculptures, a little choco-train thing that was always too crowded to ride, and the town’s small resident chocolate factory, Favarger, which produces high-end factory made chocolates (think >Lindt), opened up its courtyard to feed visitors with chocolate fondue poured over fruit and sell chocolate bars at factory prices—a steal at 1 bar/1 swiss franc.

Chocolate-topped fruit With IHEID Friends

What we purchased:

  • bottle of chocolate liqueur (milk-free!)
  • artisanal hot chocolate to make at home (milk-free!)
  • 5 bars of Favarger chocolate

Chocolate Tidbits


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  1. The Pumpernickelon 01 Apr 2009 at 7:13 pm

    Oh, this post is just cruel. How dare you post pictures of things so far away!

    Omg, I need macarons NOW.

  2. Jackieon 01 Apr 2009 at 7:33 pm

    Well, there are definitely really high-end, independent(ish) chocolate places in Boston (Burdick’s) and NYC (like Jacques Torres, MarieBelle, to name only a couple…). There must be something in DC. I think this is a good excuse for some investigation and a food review.

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