Mar 22 2009

Miniature horse on parade

by at 10:27 pm

I’ll keep this one short. Yesterday afternoon, a parade caught us by surprise on our block. We captured it with camera and video from our window. Here’s the miniature horse (click on all videos and pictures for larger versions):

Since it’s on parade, it has a man with an important job trailing behind, scooper in tow:

This parade featured not one, but two marching bands:

The parade participants appeared to be all kids and their parents. And of course, a miniature horse. When we shouted out the window, “C’est quoi ça?” (what is this?) to the police officer escorting the parade, he responded “Le cortège!” (the parade!) Go figure.

That’s all. Maybe some of our new visitors who found us courtesy of Jessica at Swisstory (hi! thanks!) know why a random parade went past our window yesterday (Saturday) afternoon.

Postscript: Later that day I saw the horse and horse entourage trying to figure out the best way to cross a busy street. Problem was, there was no crosswalk. Just an underpass with stairs and a steep ramp.

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  1. Jackieon 22 Mar 2009 at 10:40 pm

    Ahh, I’m so happy we decided to look out our window when we heard a marching band. I’d been wondering why we, unlike Angela of, never had mysterious parades outside of our apartment like she did on occasion! In addition, I believe the miniature horse itself wasn’t on parade–it had a role to play, and that role was towing the…Jack-in-the-Box Scarecrowoman. Um. Is that what that was?

  2. Judy (aka Seth's mom)on 24 Mar 2009 at 2:46 am

    Ah Switzerland–so nice, especially for children and dogs! Expect more parades in June–

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