Jan 07 2009

One Night ‘Til Morocco

by at 7:44 pm

Hey, did you know that we leave for vacation in Morocco tomorrow?!

We have been very busy preparing for the trip.  Not in the sense that we’ve actually prepared for the details of the trip, but in the sense of getting everything else out of the way.  I had two serious papers to turn in in Geneva today, Seth has an application to send in before we leave…also laundry, etc. etc.  Plus, Emily visited us this week on her whirlwind tour of Europe on her way home from NILI.  As Seth put it, we do a very good job of showing our guests how frustrating this place is, however unintentionally.  But, let me highlight this exciting point: after several nights in a row of very little sleep, I am finished with my semester officially!!!!

Seth has done a bit of planning for the actual trip while I’ve been papering.  Fortunately for us, Morocco seems to be a cheap enough place that we can stay in fairly nice hotels at not too great a cost.  Our plan is to get into Marrakesh, spend the night, then head to the city of Rabat, followed by the city of Fes.  We’ve got a guidebook and recommendations from a couple friends who have spent significant chunks of time there.  We plan to take many pictures, but you might not get a chance to seem them or read about our journey for a little while.  After our week in Morocco, we only have a day before we head to Paris to meet my parents!

All that stands between us and above-freezing weather are dinner, Seth’s application, paying bills, packing, some cleaning, sleeping, and then the very early morning voyage! Hmm, it’s going to be a long night.

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  1. Jasonon 08 Jan 2009 at 7:54 pm

    send my love to the maghrib, tell her i’ll be back soon…enjoy!

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