Nov 27 2008

Thanks from across the Pond

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Before anyone else asks, no, we are not home for Thanksgiving.  Switzerland does not have this holiday, and so Seth is working and Jackie is writing a paper today.  Some Americans from Jackie’s school are organizing a potluck dinner in one of the dorms in Geneva, so we’ll be heading to that this evening armed with Mollie Katzen‘s red cabbage and berry recipe and Mark Bittman‘s barley pilaf with some butternut squash mixed in.  Maybe Jackie will watch a few minutes of the Macy’s Day Parade online as a homework break this afternoon if she can find an online stream accessible outside the US.

Anyway, it’s sometimes been a bit of a struggle getting along here in Switzerland for the last few months.  But our friends, Avi’s tweetsgiving project, and Seth’s failure at explaining the Meaning of Thanksgiving to an Iranian at school reminded us of the things for which we’re thankful:

  • Our families, who support our living abroad, mail us things, and visit us.
  • Our friends back in the US (or abroad themselves), from our hometowns and from Harvard, who email us and call us and remind us we are not completely alone, even if we are across the Atlantic.
  • Jews everywhere, who makes us feel like a part of the community no matter where we’re all from or whether their English is as bad as our French
  • Renewed hope for the future of the United States
  • Jackie: my new choir, for allowing me to set stress aside for a couple of hours and just sing
  • Seth: a job where I’m expected to learn new things every day

Bonus thanks: the end of capitalism…just kidding (?)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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