Oct 30 2008

Des Bonbons! Or, how to say Trick-or-Treat

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About 30 seconds ago, we heard a knock on our door.  No one EVER knocks on our door.  I opened it, to a group of costumed children who said in unison, “Des bonbons…” (“Some candy…”).  To, Seth, midst preparing to cook dinner, I said, “uh oh, do we have any candy?”  All we have are large chocolate bars, not well suited to giving a group of children (we’d be out the whole stack and each child would have so much chocolate!)…ok, so we’re not the biggest candy eaters.  We did have some stroopwafels, Dutch waffel and caramel cookies I adore, so they each got one of those.  But they had to eat them on the spot, since they didn’t go so well in their trick-or-treat bags.  I was planning on getting a bit of candy tomorrow in case we had trick-or-treaters, as we had gotten mixed statements of how celebrated Halloween is in Switzerland. One of said statements was this funny explanation from an RCS alum a few years older than myself who spent four years in Zurich and is generally hilarious; I highly recommend reading her archived blog if you want a funnier version of what my life is like.  Apparently in Zurich, they say trickletree? Also, I learned from her post that it was ok to give them non-individually packaged goods, which American children are taught to fear–and hence, why I decided stroopwafels would be ok.

Now, don’t ask me or Seth what they were dressed as, because we were too surprised and in desperate search of sweets to take much notice.  Seth claims “generic monsters,” I claim, “black clothes.”  So anyway, for all of you who keep asking me what Halloween is like here, now I have the answer (or rather, advice): buy candy in advance, because Swiss people like to do things early, and this holiday is no exception, apparently.  Yikes.

P.S  The Phillies won the World Series!  If there is any team of which I am a fan, this one is it.  So many childhood memories, particularly of the time they were in the World Series but didn’t win.  Yay!!!!

Update: Today, actually Halloween (October 31), I just got a ring to our door by a child wearing a green mask. At 3:52 pm. Really, are people supposed to be home with bowls of candy right now? He got another stroopwafel. Seth, get back home with some candy already, before it’s actually Halloween and the trick-or-treaters stop coming!!!!

Final Update: On what I would actually consider Halloween (as in the evening of October 31), we got one more pair of trick-or-treaters who rang our doorbell. Seth managed to come home from the supermarket having not been able to find the candy section (as I’ve mentioned before, aisles don’t list what they have and are categorized strangely such that small pieces of candy might be found in a totally different part of the store than chocolate bars). So we broke up and wrapped up the pieces of a large chocolate bar, two chunks of which these two girls received. Seth was then planning to go to an expat Halloween party hosted by someone from his lab dressed up as Harry Potter, but then decided he was too lazy, and I, of course, had to stay home and do work anyway. Basically, we fail at Halloween. And Swiss people fail at on-time Halloween.

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  1. Judy (Seth's mom)on 31 Oct 2008 at 2:45 am

    Headline spotted in Lausanne newspaper:

    Local Children Scam Americans Out of Candy

  2. Judy Hon 31 Oct 2008 at 3:59 pm

    HILARIOUS!!! I love hearing how y’all are doing 🙂

    Happy Halloween!

    ~ judy

  3. […] an imported holiday encouraged by stores hoping to sell a lot of candy, pumpkins, and costumes).  We actually were prepared with candy this time, too, unlike last year.  I think the fixed electronic keypad at the front of our building kept out children.  We saw […]

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