Jul 22 2008

August 22–it’s almost official

by at 1:19 pm

Buying a one-way ticket to Geneva is all but impossible (wayyyyy more expensive than round-trip). Unless one flies Aer Lingus (Irish, also a hilarious name) and stops in Dublin, which my parents reminded me would be a terrible idea while we are carrying the maximum amount of luggage. So any of you planning to visit us, make sure you go round trip–no permanent couch surfing chez Jackie and Seth. Also, since my parents are going to South Carolina the week we want to leave and we were paralyzed by indecision, we haven’t bought tickets. But we plan to right now. Leaving on August 22nd, direct to Geneva. Round trip, doomed to be changed for round #2.

In addition, I discovered more Swiss paraphernalia from age 14. Namely, awesome cow and edelweiss socks. Here they are!

Cow Feet

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