Oct 23 2008

Heure d’Hiver

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The hour of winter is coming!!!!  Or so I was warned in an email I just received regarding Sunday’s Yiddish gathering: “ATTENTION:   DIMANCHE = HEURE  D’HIVER  !!!” (in English, “Attention: Sunday=Hour of Winter!!!”).  This looked important, seeing as it was the only content in this email.  Hmm, it sounds so ominous.  I can just see the picture book illustration of winter sweeping in and scaring all the small children.  Now, what does it actually mean other than snow, cold, and dark?

Heure d’hiver is the same thing as daylight savings. I had been wondering if such thing existed here and how I was going to find out about it, since no one tells us anything.  Says Internet: At 3 am on Sunday, I am to reset my clock to 2 am on Sunday (I may do that a few hours ahead of time…).  Now I will not accidentally arrive at class on Monday an hour early.  Well, thank you, thank you, Swiss Jews and Internet/Google.

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  1. SwissWatching » International puppyon 27 Oct 2010 at 7:11 am

    […] 7:47am and I’m on the train to Geneva. The sun isn’t up yet, but this Sunday is heure d’hiver—daylights’ savings time—so next week it’ll be light at this time, I think. […]

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