Oct 16 2008

What to do if your glasses break in Switzerland

by at 4:09 pm

First, panic in a controlled manner.  Second, call your insurance company and find out what happens if you need to buy new glasses (they will reimburse you for a fraction of the cost as long as you don’t need new ones very often).  Third, walk to the local lunetterie to find out if they can fix your glasses.  Fourth, leave your glasses there and have them say “no receipt necessary, just give us your name when you come to pick them up.”

What happened, you ask?  This morning the metal part that adjoins one of the nosepads to the rest of the frame snapped.  The lunetterie in Renens seems to think they can solder it back together for 30chf, which is not so bad.  I can retreive them on Saturday, perhaps, or if not, Tuesday or whenever I can make it back there next week.  I hope this works.  I don’t want to buy new glasses here.  For now, I’m happy I have contacts so that I don’t spend the next several days feeling my way across town for lack of sight.

Update as of Oct 21: Got my glasses back!  They did a great job–I can’t even see where it was broken. Yay.

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