Nov 26 2015

Thanksgiving from Old England

by at 3:50 pm

Ah, once again, we are back to a life where Thanksgiving is merely a thing happening an ocean away, of no concern to us, rather than a driving-cooking-family frenzy. It took me until about 11am today to realize today was even Thanksgiving and feel weird about it. Hmn. Well, tomorrow Seth and I will be hosting a potluck Shabbat dinner which will supposedly be Thanksgiving themed (but, um, who knows what the theme may actually turn out to be…). Today, however, is a normal day, ho hum. Hah, “normal,” as if life here has become even close to such a thing. E.g. it is gray and drizzly, not too cold, classes and lectures, high table formal dinner at St Peter’s as on any Thursday (academic gowns, two desserts, sherry, gavels, latin, and all!). Unlike in Switzerland, where America was a total non-entity except maybe in the realm of banking, being in Old England does make one reflect on the special relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States and how odd it is to be in the “old country” of settler America.

Well, anyway, I am thankful for many things in my life, despite still feeling rather unsettled here. Especially for having a job in the same place as my significant other in a safe and fascinating nook of the world and for my extended family and friends network who are supportive even across the Atlantic. I am also thankful for the harvest and the many wonderful foods America and its indigenous peoples contributed to it. But that only scratches the surface. I hope for healing and a better world, too, for others present and future who have much less to be thankful for.

Back to work.

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