Nov 05 2015

Our stuff has cleared customs!

by at 6:47 pm

And in just a few short days, our stuff will be in our home.

Last time we moved overseas, everything we brought came in our luggage. But those were the days before really excessive luggage fees. This time, we shipped books, dishes, clothes, etc. (but no electric kitchen gadgets thanks to the different voltage.) We shipped a few key furniture items, like bookshelves and a dog bed. And my bike. Everything left New Jersey exactly 2 months ago, and arrived in port in the UK a few days ago. And now it’s cleared customs and will get to us next week!

Last time, we got things used from people, and then carried them across town. This time, we got used things and then very kind people gave us rides home with them. And other very kind people lent us things (and gave us rides). We also got furniture at charity shops, and the charity shops do deliveries.

Last time, we frantically stocked our fridge on a Saturday night at Migros (and then got kicked out at closing time). This time, essentials were provided by other (!) kind people, and now we’re in a routine of weekly vegbox deliveries, occasional online grocery store deliveries, and regular visits to the Summertown farmers market. Pretty good routine, I think, and we’re back to Switzerland levels of carrot consumption.

Last time, we made our first ever trip to IKEA on our first frantic day in our new apartment. This time, we waited weeks before caving into IKEA, then bought a bunch of things online (including a big drying rack) and got them delivered yesterday. And someday soon, we’ll assemble them. (We assembled the drying rack.)

Jackie is off giving a seminar talk. Ruben is working on a kong filled with peanut butter (too wet and muddy for a long walk). And I’m cooking some of our vegbox potato surplus and wondering where we’ll put all our stuff when it arrives. Just like last time–no closets!

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