Feb 02 2011

Winter in CH, overshadowed by Egypt

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In  between desperately trying to do as much reading and thinking as I should, we have had a series of visitors: my cousin Matthew, Allison, Seth’s parents, our friend Quinnie, my parents, and soon, Michelle (who is looking forward to her escape to a nicer climate than Cambridge’s!).  Also, my choir went to Graubünden for a weekend to participate in a choral festival, and we did some hiking and singing in the mountains while we were there.

I decided I already culled my photos enough to be able to just share a few from the last month and a half on the blog.  Instead, peruse our flickr set, starting when the photos get snowy.  Don’t let that fool you into thinking it is always that snowy–it is only rarely so in Lausanne (but almost always so high in the mountains).  Ruben, obviously, has become quite the Alpine dog.

Other than that, what news is there, really, besides the protests in Egypt?

Here’s some:

  • On gun control in Switzerland.  And you thought this place was super peaceful—that’s only because of all the guns!!!  There’s a big vote here on this in a couple weeks, and the scary sheep are out again in force on billboards all over the country (as they were with the minaret vote and the deport foreign criminals vote).
  • February is Jewish Disability Awareness Month (the third annual, in the US and promoted mainly by the Reform Movement).  I didn’t know this existed until I read this URJ blog post, but I’m glad it does.  One rarely hears discussions of inclusion and access in Jewish settings, where debates over gender and sexuality still dominate the conversations of those who want to make Judaism egalitarian.  Visit the Religious Action Center‘s page to figure out how you can contribute to disability rights through a Jewish lens.

Ok, back to the books and the BBC.

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