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May 23 2015

The Bodleian and otherwise Oxford

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Well, I heard once again that there was a long and terrible winter, but I barely noticed. It was pretty cold in the attic of the Yiddish Hoyz. It is already shvues¬†and Memorial Day Weekend! So, I wrote. I submitted. Now, I wait. My defense is June 30, Maison de la Paix, as planned. Seth will be finishing his PhD and defending his dissertation by the end of this summer, amazingly, too. There were will be no graduations, which doesn’t bother me except for at this time of year, when I see friends hooded and robed and pompously processing for their mere 2-year master’s degrees or 3 year JDs or whatnot. Grmph. I should stay off of facebook nowabouts.

By the end of summer, it looks like Swiss Watching is going to become Oxford Watching, now from a postdoc instead of a PhD perspective. We’ll be making another trans-Atlantic move, older and grumpier this time around, and we’ll get to live down the road from the Bodleian Library. Swoon. When did I turn into someone who loved libraries? Moving again will be another enormous challenge (don’t even say adventure; we are not going on a safari here), but this time I’m insisting on traveling with my kitchen pots and the dog is going to have to enter England via France. Today, a friend went to look at a flat for us in Oxford while he was there, and the owner in response to his questions about heating, insulation, dampness, etc., described the windows as “English windows,” which he took to mean not such great windows in terms of keeping in the heat, perhaps single-paned. My friends, do any of you know what English windows are? Googling it turns up information about Microsoft Windows, no thank you. Oh, I will miss New York, where the things that don’t make sense still make sense to me. I guess you blog readers will have the opportunity to decode Britain along with me.

In honor of our upcoming move, we tried to watch an episode of Inspector Morse, a British detective drama from the 90s set largely in Oxford. That episode, as all episodes are, was 2 hours long and we only made it halfway through before falling asleep! And I still don’t like murder mysteries as a form of entertainment. Ghastly.


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