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Feb 09 2014

Swiss vote against immigration

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And….Switzerland has just narrowly voted for xenophobia. What might it mean for Swiss higher education and research, where there are lots of non-Swiss? What does it mean for non-EU potential immigrants? What will the EU when quotas are re-instituted, and how should it react? What does it mean that Suisse Romande is more welcoming to immigration and the European idea than the rest of the country? What about the urban/rural divide? So many questions.

Swiss immigration in the BBC: “This goes against the principle of free movement of persons between the EU and Switzerland. The EU will examine the implications of this initiative on EU-Swiss relations as a whole. In this context, the Federal Council’s position on the result will also be taken into account.”

Swiss curb immigration in Swiss news in English: “Voters in Switzerland have narrowly approved a rightwing proposal to curb immigration. It imposes limits on the number of foreigners allowed in and may signal an end to the country’s free movement accord with the European Union.”

I’m watching this closely…and glad I’m not there for this vote.

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