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Jan 25 2012

CJL celebrates 10 years!

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Hi!  It’s been awhile.  We’re living in Pittsburgh, USA, now, but I’m still a student in Geneva.  I will be back in Switzerland in a few weeks to defend my dissertation proposal (the proposal, not the actual dissertation) which, if I pass, will mean I am officially all-but-dissertation.

I will also happen to be back for my Swiss choir’s first of many celebrations of its 10 years of existence.  Please consider supporting the choir by attending the banquet on Saturday, February 18th.  See for details about the banquet (“repas de soutien”) and upcoming anniversary concerts.

And, please watch this adorable, joyous little film they made for the occasion on YouTube, Hosanna, CJL a 10 Ans:

If you are wondering, I am not in a choir in Pittsburgh.  I leave it too often for research to commit to a choir’s rehearsals.  However, I am finding activities to do and still singing.  Seth is working really hard as a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University. Here’s us in Pittsburgh:

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