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Jun 01 2009

Where biking meets skateboarding

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Exhibit A:

Hospital Scooter

Ok, so, not such a great quality photo, but that picture of a maintenance worker scooting comes from the waiting room of the hospital!!! They use scooters to scoot janitorial and construction materials around the hospital building! Indoors!

Note: It is still cool to scoot in Switzerland.

Now, I thought kick scooters had long gone out of fashion, replaced by the infinitely cooler (aka lazier) segway.  No?  Well, then, at least I knew it was totally uncool to scoot through the Science Center and across Harvard Yard.  But if Harvard Yard had been located in Switzerland, on the other hand… 

Along with cars and bikes and pedestrians and buses, there are invariably several kick scooters, anywhere you go, indoors and out. Not just kids, not just teens, but full-grown adults scoot as well. Scooters come in all sizes.

In fact, just yesterday, I saw an adorable mother-son duo scooting to the bus station. And then I saw an adorabler little girl scooting on her hot pink, translucent plastic (they can make them out of plastic?) with her family alongside the lake. And then another lanky girl kicking furiously to work her outgrown scooter up to a dangerously high, wobbly speed, navigating treacherously through the crowds. These were only the notable scoot-ers who I saw yesterday.

There is even an important annual international scooter competition in Montreux, just a short train ride away from us (which we, um, sadly missed a month and half ago). Yeah, that’s right. You can watch a news report of it with clips from the event itself, if you’d like.

So, in case you didn’t know yet, scooting is the new biking and the new skateboarding. Best of both worlds: practical transportation and total awesomeness!

By the way, what exactly is the verb for using a scooter and the noun for the person who uses it?  Oh, and also, feel free to thank me in the comments for tipping you off on this trend so you can get in on the scooting action early.

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